Carpet Installation Prep


Preparing for Your Carpet Installation

• Installing new carpeting is a construction project, so be prepared for some noise and strong odors during the process. Make sure your pets and small children are attended to and are in a safe place away from the work area. If there are those that have respiratory considerations or are sensitive to dust and other allergens, it is recommended that they avoid the construction area all together until work and cleanup is completed.
• The installation area must be completely enclosed with all doors and windows in place. It is also preferred that heating and air-conditioning is fully operational for at least 24 hours before flooring installation.
• All wet construction processes such as paint, drywall or plaster should be completed well before installation.
• Electricity is available for tools and equipment that may be necessary.
• Special arrangements need to be made to move dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, washers/dryers, stoves, other major appliances or large equipment. If installers perform appliance moving services, they will reconnect water lines but cannot be held responsible should leaks occur or for the operation of the appliance. Any gas appliance with a shutoff valve can be disconnected and moved/replaced but installers are prohibited from reconnecting the gas line.
• Ensure that all electronics, grandfather clocks, pool tables or antiques and other large items are moved to a safe place by you the homeowner
• Installers may remove interior doors during the installation and will re-hang them if possible. It is your responsibility to trim doors and re-hang if re-sizing is necessary.
• Secure all personal items and valuables.
• Clear the tops of all dressers, desks, chests or other furniture items of all objects and items. Make sure shelves, hutches, and bookcases are emptied and glass shelves are removed.
• The installation crew will not move boxes and/or storage bins, only the furniture
• Beds – Remove all linens from the beds and Completely drain waterbeds.
• Remove all items from all closet floors and remove all hanging items from the lower racks of the closets.
• Empty aquariums and prepare to be moved.
• Disassemble and move all electronics including all TV's, computers, sound systems and other electronic devices.
• Identify any hidden wiring for electronics or security systems and relay that information to the installation crew or your sales associate in advance.
• If existing carpet is saturated from pet urine or other objectionable materials or contains insect infestation, the customer will be responsible for flooring removal or may be subject to additional fees.
• Please understand that painted base boards, woodwork and painted areas may need retouching after the installation is complete and is solely the customer's responsibility
• Please remove your cars out of the drive way before the installers get there

During Your Installation

• We request that you keep children and pets away from the installation area.
• Have an adult over the age of 18 that can act as a decision maker on site at all times unless previous arrangements have been made with the sales associate.
• Keep the temperature in the installation area between 65 and 75 degrees.
• Should there be concealed damage to sub floors discovered after removal of existing flooring, additional work may be required. Because this can only be determined after removal, there may be additional charges for repair of or replacement of sub floor that will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
• It is not the responsibility of the installer to repair squeaky sub floors or wall structures.
• We are not responsible for any problems that may arise due to pre-existing structural or other conditions such as asbestos, mold or building code violations



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